About Us

Welcome to Professional! We appreciate the time you have taken to check us out. Driven by a singular passion for perfecting medical instruments and a matching expertise to go with it, Professional hit the domain in 1972 as Metallic Products Corporation. We have come a long way ever since, from catering only to the US market as a surgical instruments partner to healthcare professionals in over 62 countries today on the planet.

Over 47 years of our experience in the art and science of medical instruments-making, as you would expect, have only sharpened, deepened and broadened our efficiency in putting smart surgical instruments solutions in the dexterous hands of surgeons.

It brings us immense joy that today responsible and successful medical professionals from around the world trust Professional for cost-effective surgical instruments of the highest order.

Professional Values

The values and principles that we hold dear to our heart play no less a role in enabling us offer you total value. Our corporate values read as follows:

  • We hold personal and professional ethics as our corporate cornerstone.
  • We give all it takes to deliver on our promises.
  • We hold high our obligations to the communities we live and work with.
  • How we achieve our goals is just as important to us as the very goals themselves.
  • We remain committed to excellence, simplicity and speed in our corporate pursuits and practices.
  • We believe in consistently improving the quality of our people so as to sustain their ability to deliver you delight.
  • We maintain that innovation, teamwork and courage to take risks lead to financial growth.
  • We are committed to delivering products and services of unsurpassed quality.
  • We respect the dignity of each individual on team and prize their contributions.
  • We believe in equitable sharing of our financial gains with our employees, suppliers and customers.
  • We keep our communication lines open to everyone who deals with us.

Vision & Mission

To make Professional the most reliable and affordable surgical instruments solution provider in the world

Enable and empower surgeons in their efforts at saving precious lives by producing life-saving medical instruments of the finest order.


The Professional leadership at your service

Under the watchful eyes of a competent leadership Professional stays focused on its vision and mission.

Late Mr. Mumtaz Bukhari ( Founder)  

The founder and a perpetual source of inspiration, Late Mr. Mumtaz Bhukhari could successfully steer Professional to the reputation it enjoys today worldwide. His leadership enabled Professional inherit the spirit of raising the bars consistently in order to offer competitive medical instrument solutions to medical professionals.

Mr. Waseem Abbas (CEO & Managing Director)

A stickler for quality, Mr. Waseem Abbas, fulfills the overall management and production demands to your satisfaction. He keeps abreast of the market dynamics and technological developments to ensure that Professional keeps up with the times and keep to its promises.

Mr. Aqeel Abbas (Director Marketing)

A trained and qualified Management professional, Mr. Aqeel Abbas reaches out to you with Professional solutions, no matter where you are. With his eyes and ears open to your requirements and challenges, he helps to put Professional in perspective for you so that you take advantage of the value that Professional seeks to bring you.

Team Professional

A close-knit force of 3 competent Managers and skilled craftsmen put their best into Professional to ensure you have a reliable medical instruments partner in us.

A professional team of Technical & Quality Assurance supervisors devote their time and energy to various aspects of production and Quality Assurance functions. Our skilled craftsmen stay committed to empower you with quality surgical instruments in your efforts at saving those lives.

Our Products

Professional brings you the complete range of medical instruments solutions, including Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular, Dental, Diagnostic, Eye, Colorectal, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction and ENT. This is in addition to our time and tested range of commonly needed general surgery instruments.

We fully understand and value the significance of adhering to the precision and safety standards in the making of medical instruments. Therefore a stringent quality management system ensures that Professional meets strict international standards to the satisfaction of competent authorities concerned before it gets to you.

Great care goes into the making of the instruments we offer you. Clearly, they are designed to prove the right “solutions” to you rather than mere instruments. From picking and sourcing raw materials to crafting and manufacturing to the multiple process and quality checks, Professional goes the extra mile to make sure that Professional Instruments meet the highest “Safety and Performance” standards so that you get optimum value for your spend.

Data Analysis, based on internal information gathering system as well as that resulting from customer feedback is one of the many quality improvement processes at Professional, allows us consistently determine precision-efficiency integral to medical instruments. This function is safe in the able hands of technically trained and experienced specialists adequately geared up with up-to-the-minute equipments.

Global Presence

Currently, Professional provides medical instruments solutions to over 60 countries. We partner with companies equipped with the necessary marketing infrastructure and know-how to take Professional to the end users in their respective countries. Professional seeks and cherishes a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship with its partners. Countries that Professional caters to include Brazil, Korea, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Morocco, Russia, UK, Portugal, Thailand, Syria, Egypt and Iran, to name a few. We look for opportunities to make a difference with Professional solutions in your country as well.

Business Opportunity

We seek Distributors to partner with us in new markets. If interested, please fill in the Distributorship Request Form herewith. We will be glad to get in touch with you.



Professional comes with 5 years guarantee, during which period we repair or/and replace defective instruments, if any, free of cost.


A well-stocked Professional store allows us deliver products as promptly as possible.


Professional comes branded with our logo, item code number and CE mark. Our packaging carries relevant and statutory information on the product you buy.


Professional gets to you packed in a manner appropriate for the instrument type.

Personalized Label

We offer personalized label (OBL: Own Brand Labeling) solutions as well, at our discretion.