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GERATI Healthcare Designs, Develops and Markets instruments and accessories for Minimally Invasive surgery. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions at a very affordable cost to enhance the efficiency and safety of instruments designed for various surgical procedures.

Founded in 2007, GERATI Healthcare teams up with experienced medical device industry experts to provide complete support solutions to the emerging needs of advanced Minimally Invasive surgery, while increasing patient safety and procedure efficiency. We are looking forward to developing more efficient clinical applications which will equip the operating room for the future.

Focused on developing Single use devices for innovative, minimally invasive surgical procedures, GERATI uses the power of knowledge gained through learning from the expert, experienced minds of leading surgeons and doctors to present simple yet high-performance research based designs that benefit doctors and most importantly, patients all around the world.

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GERATI Healthcare Simple Vision

We envision GERATI, our single use laparoscopic instruments,




To be globally instrumental in saving lives by offering innovative yet very affordable surgical solutions to the hospitals of the world.


GERATI-IMI was founded in 2007. Our parent company M/S Professional Hospital Furnishers has been
manufacturing top quality OR Grade Reusable Surgical instruments since 40 years and has a brand presence in over 60 countries of the world. The management reralized that it needed to enter into more specialized fields of surgery and hence the new comany was created.

GERATI-IMI will build on this experience to cater to these new and challenging specialty areas.

A tudy trip back in 2007, to GEMRNAY also paved the way for the creation of this new product line. We had the opportunity to visit some of the top medical device research centres and the inspiration which we got culminated into the inception of GERATI.






Our team comprises professional engineers and product designers with years of diverse experience in the fields of electro medical technology. We work in tandem with leading laparoscopic surgeons to realize their ideas and needs by innovating and enhancing designs that will serve them and, most importantly, the end user.

We are lead by Mr Aqeel Abbas, the Managing Director who is a doctor by education and has got 22 years experience in medical device designing and marketing. From 1994 to 2006, he served as marketing and quality assurance director in the parent company before joining GERATI in 2007.

He is ably supported by a team of production, quality assurance manager, finance and HR managers.

At the momnent, there are 5 managers, 6 assitant managers, 12 Supervisors and 150 people working at GERATI-IMI.




Our products being Class IIb, single use, sterile medical devices, are subjected to rigourous testing and quality control. Our quality managent system complies with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality management systems. Production and quality management of our products complies with European Medical Device No 93/42 for CE mark. Below are some salient features of our Quality Assurance Protocol:

  • Risk Analysis performed according to ISO 14971.
  • Electrical Safety Tests performed according to IEC 60601.
  • Manufacturing and assembly in ISO 7, Class 10,000 Clean room as per ISO 14644
  • All instruments are tested against micro holes/porosities in insulation using Hi Pot tester.
  • Terminally packaged in sterile barrier system. Heat Sealing process validation performed as per ISO 11607 standard.
  • Process Validations for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization performed according to ISO 11135 standard.
    Use of bio-compatible materials as per ISO 10993 standard.
  • Quality Management system in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standard certified by SGS UK.
  • Product Technical Files according to Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC
  • All instruments supplied with Instructions of Use as per CE mark requirements.
  • Product Labels in accordance with European CE requirements.
  • FDA registration process in progress.

coming soon..............

State-of-the-art Warehouse product storage

facility with capacity to store 40,000+ sterile products at one time. 

Temperature and humidity controlled as   per ISO and WHO guidelines.

Managaed by professional staff.

The inventory area ensures that we have a quick turn around time for quicker deliveries.


In 2015, GERATI-Intelligent Medical Innovations received Presidential Award for being the first

company in Pakistan to introduce life saving innovative instruments and solutions in Laparoscopic area.

The award is a testament to our life long committment to produce innovative, efficient and yet affordable surgical solutions.


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