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Professional Hospital Furnishers Expands Presence in Russian Market through Partnership with Leading Distributor

[Sialkot, 05-06-23] – Professional Hospital Furnishers, a renowned global provider of high-quality surgical instruments and healthcare solutions, is pleased to announce its entry into the Russian market through a strategic partnership with a leading Russian distribution company.

Recognizing the growing demand for advanced medical devices and solutions in Russia, Professional Hospital Furnishers has chosen to collaborate with an esteemed local distributor. This partnership will enable the company to reach a wider customer base and deliver its innovative range of surgical instruments and healthcare solutions to healthcare facilities throughout the country.

The selected Russian distributor has a strong market presence, an extensive network, and a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape. By leveraging their expertise, Professional Hospital Furnishers aims to establish a strong foothold in the Russian market and offer healthcare professionals access to its cutting-edge products.

“At Professional Hospital Furnishers, we are excited about our entry into the Russian market and our collaboration with a highly reputable distributor,” said Aqeel Abbas, Marketing Director at Professional Hospital Furnishers. “This strategic partnership aligns with our goal to expand our global reach and provide healthcare professionals in Russia with our high-quality surgical instruments and innovative healthcare solutions. Together, we are committed to elevating the standard of patient care in the region.”

The Russian market holds immense potential for Professional Hospital Furnishers, as the demand for advanced medical devices and technologies continues to grow. By partnering with a trusted distributor, the company aims to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and cutting-edge surgical instruments, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and improving healthcare standards in Russia.

The collaboration with the Russian distributor signifies Professional Hospital Furnishers’ dedication to building strong relationships with local partners and ensuring the availability of their products and services to healthcare facilities across the country.

About Professional Hospital Furnishers:

Professional Hospital Furnishers is a globally recognized provider of high-quality surgical instruments and comprehensive healthcare solutions. With a legacy of over 50 years, the company is committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their diverse product range includes advanced surgical instruments, laparoscopic equipment, operating room furniture, and more.

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